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FBI Agent

“Sonia is a highly valued interpreter” .... “Above and beyond the call of duty” ... “Sonia is the best of the best”.... “The FBI needs her”... “America needs her”... “Sonia is truly a valued asset for America”... 
John Iacovelli  -  404-679- 3021
US District Court  Atlanta, Georgia 
“Sonia has been very helpful to assist the court, especially for hearings required on a short notice... Francine Kent of US District Court Atlanta, Georgia: 404-215-1303
Francine Kent    404-215-1303

International Liaison for Governor & Presidential Candidate, Jeb Bush “Excellent professional interpretation services” .... “You went above and beyond the role of an interpreter" International Liaison Governor’s Office Florida): 850-488-7146

Michael Pilver
Federal Defender ProGram Attorney “Sonia is courteous, competent, and very professional”

A. Davenport: (State Certified Court Interpreter) “Sonia is a truly accomplished individual”

A. F. Dekalb County Court: “Sonia is a Master of the Arabic and French Language”


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